You Can Have Fun on a Tuesday


Tuesdays. The 9-5er’s least favorite day of the week. You’re not as numb as Monday, and you lack the optimism of a Wednesday. It’s the day where you repent for your bad weekend habits by getting to bed at a regular hour, eat some leafy greens and pretend you didn’t finish a pizza on your couch on Sunday. It is not the day where you go out, have fun, and get in bed a smidge too late.

Alas, wouldn’t it be nice to have something to look forward too on a beautiful summer Tuesday night? Behold, the Coolidge Theater at the Rose Kennedy Greenway. For it’s fourth year in partnership with the downtown park the Coolidge Theater takes over the park once a month between India and Milk Street with a giant outdoor screen and shows films on 35 mm. Free to the public, a fun urban drive in appears; where you bring your blanket and chairs on the T to watch a flick with your friends or your boo; with three Tuesdays to attend it would be a real miss to not make one.

This years first film was “Rear Window” directed by Alfred Hitchcock. One of the most critically acclaimed movies in history, it stars James Stewart and Grace Kelly (pre-princessdom). The film is an exercise in voyeurism that is an interesting juxtaposition surrounded by windows from the surrounding buildings, both office, retail and residential spaces. With the stares of onlookers peering into the crowd and the screen walking by, the themes on screen resonate differently than when watched in a dark theater or the comfort of your couch. For two hours, under city lights that shine like stars, you can suspend the typical droll of a Tuesday night and buy into some movie magic.

Sound awesome? Well you still have two more chances to enjoy an outdoor flick: on Tuesday July 24th “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and August 21st a double feature of “Revenge of the Creature” and “The Incredible Shrinking Man”. Each film is projected in 35 mm film, which in itself is amazing. It’s difficult to see 35 mm in theaters, let alone outside in the elements.

So grab a blanket, bring a friend, and show up early so you can hit up a food truck before sunset. For more info: